My Work

I’m currently writing two series taking place in the nineteenth century.

Silver Kings Series

If one arrives at dawn at the picturesque city of Alamos Sonora, nested at the foot of the Sierra Madre forest where wild oregano and cinnamon bushes are abundant, one could easily confuse the surrounding saguaros on the outskirts mountains with watchful warriors protecting the cobblestone streets and the endless stories safe guarded in the arches of their brick mansions.

Las Canteras. A place of wonder. A place of steadiness that serves as the residence of the silver lords, Felix and Benjamin Orozco, best known as the Silver Kings of Alamos.

The two brothers had a promising life. Accustomed to their wealth and popularity, they never had to worry about gaining anyone’s favor. But their world changes with the arrival of the unpredictable daughter of Don Antonio VillaReal.

All Yaretzi VillaReal wanted was an escape from the humid walls of her hacienda but she found adventure, secret tunnels with silver vaults and true love.

You will Always be Loved_Book One

Man of Reason_Book Two

The Widow’s Secret_Book Three

Cocoa Plantation Series

Is 1822 in colonial Mexico.

Luis Riveira flees to the solitude of his cocoa plantation in the Tabasco region in search of tranquility but he never imagined that his plans would go awry when he meets Miss Adela, who seems anything but the well-bred lady she claims to be.

Enter to El Refugio Plantation with a captivating setting where two classes come together in unity to preserve each other’s rights.


A Bride for Don Luis_Book One

A Dandy to Remember_Book Two