Writing Life During Summer

It is summer, which means not much gets done in writing land these days.


Being a mother of young kids, it can be challenging for me to set a side time to write. But it’s possible. Many other writers have managed to do so. I recently attended a meeting at a library where a local author, Sarah Eden, was speaking. She has been writing for a while, has several books out, and she is a mother or young kiddos as well. I thought it was very interesting that at the end of her talk someone asked her how she balanced her career as a writer and her family and she responded, “I don’t. I simply have a schedule that I follow during the year.” She mentioned that makes sure to be done with any revisions that are due to her publisher by the end of May because she doesn’t have much writing during the summer when her kids are out of school. Instead of writing, she plans all of her novels during summer.


As I try to write during this busy time of year, I to find that I don’t need to balance my writing life and my family. What works best for me is to be present in the moment and to enjoy my family during summer.  In the meantime, I am taking a couple of online classes on plotting and character building. I’m also getting ready to start writing a new project by end of August when kids are back in school and everything goes back to normal. For now, I do research here and there, I’m outlining, looking at other ideas to turn into stories, and scheduling for the fall months.


What’s does your writhing schedule look like? Do you have a time of year where you take a break or where things slow down a bit?





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