Works in Progress

I’m super excited to be working on this 3 projects right now. I want to write until my heart is content, but during summer the days get really busy, so what I do is, research take a few online classes here and there, as I put together a few projects that I can hit during the fall and winter.

Right now, I finished plotting a novel with the working title, A bride for Don Luis. This is a story set in the cocoa zone in the current state of Tabasco Mexico, I have been having so much fun researching and planning this project.


Another one I’m working on at the moment it’s a prequel to my series Silver Kings, the first novel to that series is complete and I’m plotting a prequel novella to introduce the characters. Its working title is, Loving Angelina.


I also have The Widow’s Secret. This one is still in its beginning stage.


One more it’s a story of a girl named Jerussa. This is a women’s fiction story that I’m currently planning, this particular one I’m considering to write it in Spanish, but I haven’t made up my mind quite yet about that.



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