Three Things Most Americans don’t Know About Mexico

As I submerge myself in research for my current works in progress, I find that history has a wonderful way to get to people. In my case, it makes me proud of my roots and culture.

I thought it would be fun to go over three things most Americans don’t know about Mexico.  So, here you have them.

  1. Most people have never heard of Benito Juarez, the most beloved president of Mexico. He was a native Zapotec, an Indian tribe from Oaxaca. He came from extremely humble circumstances as an orphan and didn’t learn Spanish until he was a teenager. He obtained and excellent education, then served in a variety of political offices until he finally rose to become the president of the nation. He represents a hope for all people that anything is possible.


  1. Mexico is made up of 31 states. The topography of Mexico ranges from the places where deserts meet the sea and mountains abound in the north to the beautiful rain forests and active volcanoes in the south.


  1. Just like the United States, Mexico had a civil war. It’s known as the Mexican Revolution.  It started in 1910.  It lasted ten years and resulted in about 2 million casualties. Most people remember this as Pancho Villa’s time, but he was only a one of many generals to fight in this bloody war.

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