It’s Power Time

This past year has been a year of change in my life; a year of finding myself, and a year of getting where I need to be. I have been blessed with many people in my life that have set an example for me and showed me the way to a better life. This includes people who have helped me to improve my life as a writer as well, because, to be honest, I can’t function well without my stories.

A question I often hear in the writing world is, “How does one find time to write?” or “How does one manage writing and all of the other necessary chores that must be done on a regular basis?” Well, as I have read books and watched videos searching for answers to these questions, I found that, there is one thing that many of the most successful people on this planet have in common and that is they get up earlier in the morning and have what they call a power hour. You heard me right. It is not a writing hour, cooking ahead hour, or getting things done hour, it is called power hour because it is time solemnly dedicated to yourself and finding power for the rest of your day.  It is used to feed your soul, to take care of your body, and connect with your creator.

“How does this work?” you may ask, and here you have it. You get up an hour earlier then you normally do, while the rest of the world is still sleeping, including the children, the puppy, and your Facebook friends. Then, you use this time to fill yourself. One thing I love to do before anything else is to read my scriptures. To me, it is the key to having a wonderful day. Reading my scriptures is a way I connect with my creator. If you are not fond of scripture study, some other things you can do are read an inspirational non-fiction book, meditate, plan your day, and exercise. You would be surprised at the benefits this simple ritual can bring into your daily life.

During power hour, I highly recommend to resisting the temptation to get up and go straight to writing or wherever your passion may be. As crazy as this may sound, the beauty of power hour is that you are tapping into your personal power. When the demands of your life come, you are prepared to face them with a good attitude, and it becomes easier to find time for writing later in your day.

So, here are some options to try. You can start by waking up an hour earlier and doing a half hour of power hour and the second half hour of writing. Or, if you are ambitious, you can get up two hours earlier and use the first hour as your power hour and the second for witting. The important thing here is to commit to doing your power hour before you do anything else. Some people are going to have more time that others and some would find that is not necessary to dedicate an entire hour to themselves. We are all different, so do whatever works for you.

You all have heard the saying take care of yourself before you can take care of others. Well, what I’m saying here is no different than what you hear at the airport before your plane takes fly. In case of an emergency you need to place the oxygen mask over your own mouth before you are able to help the ones around you. In real life, you are better equipped to think, reason, and to make better decisions in life in general when you take care of yourself before you try to take care of others.

I love to listen to books on audio when I’m driving or doing something mindless like loading the dishwasher, I recently discovered Michael Hyatt’s podcast and I can say that I’m now a faithful listener. In this  particular episode he and his daughter talk about four habits or rituals that make you use your energy more wisely and I know, I now sound like a window seller here, in this episode Michael talks about rituals we do everyday and I mean no mater how aware we are of the little tricksters we tend to the same stuff/ habits in a regular basis, so he suggests to give it  a try and purposely adopt rituals that actually give us the results we desire instead of continuing doing the same stuff everyday with he same old results.


What are some of the rituals you have done that have had an effect on how you take care of your busy life by taking care of yourself first?


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  1. Jerry Peri September 21, 2018 at 9:25 pm

    Interesting and motivating piece, Yoxani. Thanks for sharing!

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