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2606, 2020

Cilantro Lime Baked Chicken Taquitos

By |June 26th, 2020|Living Life|0 Comments

In America these are commonly known as taquitos, but I have always known them as [...]

407, 2019

It’s a Celebration

By |July 4th, 2019|Living Life|0 Comments

You know it is an Independence Day celebration when you wake up at six am [...]

506, 2019

Writing Life During Summer

By |June 5th, 2019|Writing|0 Comments

It is summer, which means not much gets done in writing land these days.   [...]

2609, 2018

We become what we think

By |September 26th, 2018|Living Life|0 Comments

Hola, Yoxani here, with a new adventure. Have you ever heard the saying, “You are [...]

1909, 2018

It’s Power Time

By |September 19th, 2018|Living Life|1 Comment

This past year has been a year of change in my life; a year of [...]