Everlasting Tradition

Growing up in rural Mexico left me with countless memories of fiestas and family gatherings. But, some of the most memorable ones always came around Christmas time. For years, my sisters and I were in charge of making the piñata for the Christmas Eve fiesta. We didn’t always have a clay pot (olla) to use as the base, but that never stopped us from creating a magnificent star-shaped piñata. We used a balloon as the base and cones made of cardboard for the points; then covered it with paper mache. We had to wait until each layer dried before we could decorate it, so it took a few days to fully finish the project. Patience was difficult, but all the waiting and the hard work was rewarded when all the family gathered around the piñata on Christmas Eve. Our colorful star shinned, swinging in the air, filled with oranges and treats. The candy and oranges were the best we had all year, the memories priceless, and the tradition everlasting.



Photo credit: Copyright: <a href=’https://www.123rf.com/profile_fergregory’>fergregory / 123RF Stock Photo</a>


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