For the Sake of Research and the food of the Gods

“For the Sake of Research” brings me now to a new adventure, and back to the grain mill handle.

In my current work in progress, my main character travels to the state of Tabasco in Mexico, and nope, the tabasco salsa does not come from there, but something very interesting and yummy does. It’s a drink that’s been made for centuries in that beautiful place by mixing corn and cacao. It’s called pozol. Tabasco natives say that if you go to Tabasco and drink pozol, you will never leave.

People there drink pozol cold as a refreshing way to pass the hot summer days. A hundred years ago people used to drink it as a way of hydrating during long trips and as a source of nutrition. Now days, one can find many varieties of pozol. Some prefer to drink it sweet. Others add milk to it, but many drink it the traditional way, without adding anything.

To make pozol, the corn has to be prepare same way one does it for corn tortillas. First, it gets boils in water and hydrated lime until it softens. Then, you let it rest in the water over night. After that, it gets washed and ground in the mill.

The cocoa beans get roasted over a terracotta grill or comal, then peeled and lastly ground in the mill as well.

But the process is not done yet, one must really work in order to get to the final product. I mean that’s the only way to enjoy something that cost you tons of effort to get it, right?

Well, as I was saying, now that we have a cocoa paste, mix the corn with a little water to turn it into a dough. Then, add the cocoa paste and knead it together until is evenly distributed. Now proceed to the last step of making the succulent drink. Place the dark chocolate dough into a bowl with a little water and mix it by hand until no crumbs are left. Then, serve it in terracotta bowls and take a well-deserved rest. You’ll have a full belly, but don’t forget to wipe your forehead, because it may be a little sweaty by now.

Like writing a novel, making pozol is a long process that requires meticulous work, but once you get to the end, the final product turns out to be very rewarding and satisfying.

What are some things that you have done that have taken a bit of time and effort, but in end everything turned out better than what you expected?



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  1. Jerry Peri September 21, 2018 at 9:33 pm

    Very interesting!
    Curious to taste this drink!

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