For the Sake of Research and Corn Tortillas

As a historical writer and for the sake of research. I must learn how to do some fun stuff that are quickly becoming extinct or in other words old fashioned.

One of them is making hand-made-from-scratch corn tortillas, and since my mom is visiting from Mexico, I decided I had the perfect opportunity to learn from her. So following her instructions I got the dry corn ready, by marinating it in water with hydrated lime cal overnight.

Then the next day I set my grain mill in place and after washing the corn that by now had doubled its size. I began the grinding process and holy cow, was that a workout. Good thing my kids were so excited about the whole thing, that they were right there fighting for a turn over the mill’s handle.

But let me tell you this, after doing that for just a few minutes I gained a lot of appreciation for all the woman who had to do this chore every day, often times more than once a day and that in addition to all the other household chores that needed it to be done.

My own mom for example when she was only nine years old, she was in charge of making the tortillas for the entire family for lunch every day. So she had to prepare the dough before going to school every morning. You guys this is a hard work believe me.

I grew up in the time and place where a fellow on a motorcycle would come to our area at noon every day, selling fresh made corn tortillas from the tortilleria, tortilla factory in the city. So all I had to do was to make sure I did not miss him. Sometimes I had to run after his motorcycle but that was not hard at all. It was actually a fun thing to do.

But, going back to the tortilla learning research, after we ground the corn, we made the balls and then pressed them in the tortilla presser and cooked them over a hot cast iron skillet. And the result was some wonderful tortillas that tasted like ambrosia, oh yes, I’m sure that aside from avocados, ambrosia had the taste of fresh home-made corn tortillas from scratch.

Now my next adventure will take me into the cocoa research, yes I mean fresh home-made hot chocolate from scratch, so stay toon.

What are some fun, or not so fun stuff you have done for the sake of research?






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  1. Jessica March 20, 2018 at 3:28 pm

    This is a beautiful website. Loved reading about your mom.

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