Yoxani Bastidas grew up in the countryside of northern Mexico. She had a very happy childhood without many of the conveniences of modern life, like color TV or a refrigerator. She has always been fascinated by antiques and the old ways of life they represent. She writes historical fiction with strong romantic elements, which has given her the chance to explore her country’s past and tell its stories.

Yoxani was born in an adobe house with a dirt floor, hence her love for the scent of wet dirt, especially after a rain fall. Inevitably it takes her back to those sweet moments of childhood where she grew up along the way with ranchers and wranglers, listening to radio-novels and watching TV in black and white and wondering what Smurfette looked like in color. She now spends her days wishing she had a time travel artifact, fantasizing about the challenges she creates for the characters in her novels and researching breathtaking places for them to have their own story.