100 Spanish Names for Female Characters

Spanish Names Series. This is a post  that I originally published in my writing blog adventures yet unwritten, now I’m updating my posts from that blog into my personal blog, so you will be seeing more coming soon.

When choosing a name for a character no matter the genre you write in, sometimes can be tough to decide on a name that represents your character’s personality and traits. Most of my stories have Spanish character’s in, so is only natural to choose a Spanish name for them, but sometimes I have a native character in there with a mystic name, or even a French descendant or any other given nationality that may fit the story line. I personally feel like that gives the story a little more flavor.
But today I’m sharing a list of Spanish names for those who write with a Spanish character in mind or those who wish to add a character with a foreign flavor to their story. Some are more modern and some are more of an antique.

1- Ana
2- Amor. Love, so many ideas come to mind for character with this name.
3- Amelia
4- Aurora
5- Alejandra
6- Beatriz
7- Azul. The color blue, I have heard this name more in the past 15 years or so, perfect for a contemporary character.
8- Consuelo
9- Ruby
10- Sandra
11- Mercedes
12- Carmen
13- Isabel
14- Armida
15- Maria
16- Margarita. The flower and the well-known drink by the same name. Also a form of Margaret.
17- Socorro
18- Casandra
19- Imelda
20- Francisca
21- Clotilde. This is a good one to use in a historical
22- Guadalupe. Classic in many Spanish speaking countries.
23- Emilia
24- Josefa
25- Rosa
26- Rosalia
27- Natalia
28- Lucila
29- Julieta. Yes, think Shakespeare here.
30- Andolza. Another one you would see in a historical
31- Josefina.
32- Mary Mar. Made famous in Mexico by actress Thalia in a soap opera by the same name in the 90’s
33- Adela
34- Karina.
35- Raquel.
36- Sofia.
37- Eva.
38- Hilda
39- Carla
40- Marina
41- Griselda
42- Marisela
43- Mariela
44- Armida. Can’t help to think of my aunt Armida and the many adventure I had growing up close to her.
45- Sonia
46- Blanca
47- Sabina
48- Ines
49- Bianca
50- Rosalinda. Pretty Rose.
51- Lucero
52- Camila
53- Daniela
54- Adriana
55- Abril. April, more popular in the last decade
56- Laura
57- Julia
58- Cecilia
59- Elvira
60- Juana
61- Isabela
62- Victoria
63- Milagros
64- Jaimica. A form of James
65- Flor
66- Gabriela
67- Ximena
68- Alegria. Joyful.
69- Altamira. Place with a beautiful view
70- Angeles. A form of Angela
71- Belen. Bethlehem
72- Brisa. It means beloved. Mythology: Briseis was the Greek name of Achilles’s beloved.
73- Valeria. A form of valor.
74- Salome. She is famous for demanding and receiving the head of John the Baptist, according to the New Testament.
75- Isidora
76- Adelina
77- Hortensia. Gardener
78- Ramona
79- Virginia
80- Noemi
81- Carola
82- Cristina
83- Jovana
84- Elena
85- Teressa
86- Ursula
87- Miriam
88- Serena. Calm or peaceful
89- Susana
90- Fernanda
91- Palmira
92- Alma
93- Sara
94- Viviana
95- Luz. Light
96- Yolanda
97- Clarissa
98- Cyntia
99- Paula
100-Estrella. Star

Stay tuned for the post, 100 Spanish names for male characters, coming soon.

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