100 Spanish Names for Male Characters

Hola, Yoxani here with the second part of my Spanish Names for Characters Series.  Now today I’m talking about that hero or secondary character in your story, the one with dark hair, and a charming

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100 Spanish Names for Female Characters

Spanish Names Series. This is a post  that I originally published in my writing blog adventures yet unwritten, now I'm updating my posts from that blog into my personal blog, so you will be seeing

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Lost in a Romance

UP-DATE What does a woman do when she approaches her midlife crisis? I have heard many different stories from friends and acquaintances, but they sounded so bizarre and extreme that I had to find out

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Deep Into The Sea & The Dream I Never Dreamed.

I love creating stories, but it wasn’t like this before--I mean before I realized I had the crazy mind of a writer. I surely composed a few, or perhaps several, poems as a child.  You

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For the Sake of Research and Corn Tortillas

As a historical writer and for the sake of research. I must learn how to do some fun stuff that are quickly becoming extinct or in other words old fashioned. One of them is making

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Works in Progress

I’m super excited to be working on this 3 projects right now. I want to write until my heart is content, but during summer the days get really busy, so what I do is, research

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