Lost in a Romance

UP-DATE What does a woman do when she approaches her midlife crisis? I have heard many different stories from friends and acquaintances, but they sounded so bizarre and extreme that I had to find out

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Deep Into The Sea & The Dream I Never Dreamed.

I love creating stories, but it wasn’t like this before--I mean before I realized I had the crazy mind of a writer. I surely composed a few, or perhaps several, poems as a child.  You

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For the Sake of Research and Corn Tortillas

As a historical writer and for the sake of research. I must learn how to do some fun stuff that are quickly becoming extinct or in other words old fashioned. One of them is making

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Works in Progress

I’m super excited to be working on this 3 projects right now. I want to write until my heart is content, but during summer the days get really busy, so what I do is, research

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April Showers

Reflecting. Spring always brings new hope, new plans and tons of blossoms. I like to think of the trees as anxious women dressed in their best gowns, ready to start their season. In the back

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Take Your Pick

A villain with a big heart, or a hero with a dark side? This is the story about a man who during his adult life was called a thief. Wait…nope he wasn’t a thief; he