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It’s Power Time

This past year has been a year of change in my life; a year of finding myself, and a year of getting where I need to be. I have been blessed with many people in my life that have set an example for me and showed me the way to a better life. This includes

Writing the Premise

In between loads of laundry and the busy days of summer, I’m starting a brand new story. And in case you are wondering, nope, that is not a picture of my dog, but it represents how I feel when I start a new project. I never know how it’s going to end up because it

Three Things Most Americans don’t Know About Mexico

As I submerge myself in research for my current works in progress, I find that history has a wonderful way to get to people. In my case, it makes me proud of my roots and culture. I thought it would be fun to go over three things most Americans don’t know about Mexico.  So, here

For the Sake of Research and the food of the Gods

“For the Sake of Research” brings me now to a new adventure, and back to the grain mill handle. In my current work in progress, my main character travels to the state of Tabasco in Mexico, and nope, the tabasco salsa does not come from there, but something very interesting and yummy does. It’s a

My Two Cultures

Some eighteen years ago I got engaged to my hubby.  I knew I was going to leave my family, my friends and my country when I married him, but at the very young age of twenty I truly didn’t know what all that meant until I actually did it. I remember people saying that shopping

100 Spanish Names for Male Characters

Hola, Yoxani here with the second part of my Spanish Names for Characters Series.  Now today I’m talking about that hero or secondary character in your story, the one with dark hair, and a charming Spanish accent, think Antonio Banderas here. When it comes to naming a boy is a Hispanic tradition to name their

100 Spanish Names for Female Characters

Spanish Names Series. This is a post  that I originally published in my writing blog adventures yet unwritten, now I'm updating my posts from that blog into my personal blog, so you will be seeing more coming soon. When choosing a name for a character no matter the genre you write in, sometimes can be

Lost in a Romance

What does a woman do when she approaches her midlife crisis? I have heard many different stories from friends and acquaintances, but they sounded so bizarre and extreme that I had to find out for myself. I discovered that I had but few options to choose from, it was either cry my head off, eat