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The Fact of the Matter…

The fact of the matter is that I like to eat my food with spice and when I say spice I mean raw jalapeño peppers on the side please. I was raised on a small farm where I learned to use scissors backwards and then groomed the five sheep my dad watched over. Back then it all seemed like a silly deed but now that I’m a full grown woman and I still use the scissors backwards… well not too funny anymore.  The fact of the matter is that at times, when people see me cutting with scissors, they ask if I need assistance. Nope, thanks to a handful of sheep who didn’t mind walking around looking like a donkey had chewed them and then spit them back into the world, I’m actually quite handy with scissors.

Life is a Dream

Often times you will find me saying that life is an adventure, make no mistake I know that at times life can be very hard, but I have found on my journey that, the more I fight my difficulties, the tougher they tend to become so…


Dreams are Fantasies

…instead of worrying or getting mad at the circumstances I decided best to move forward and how do I do that?…

Fantasies are Reality

…well, by enjoying the little things, by making memories worth remembering every single day with those I love the most, and by finding the fun in the drama of daily life.